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Taylor Kee is the lead Editor at Money Morning NZ. With a background in the financial publishing industry, Taylor knows how simple, yet difficult investing can be. He has worked with a range of assets classes, and with some of the world’s most thought-provoking financial writers, including Bill Bonner, Dan Denning, Doug Casey, and more. But he’s found his niche in macroeconomics and the excitement of technology investments. And Taylor is looking forward to the opportunity to share his thoughts on where New Zealand’s economy is going next and the opportunities it presents. Taylor shares these ideas with Money Morning NZ readers each day.

The Kiwi Gold Rush Is Over

Today we are living in the tail end of what could be called the greatest gold rush of all time. But instead of gold, our prosperity is riding on the backs of technological and industrial innovation.

The Traditional Office Is Going Extinct — Why More Kiwis Will Work from Home

The nature of work is changing. Two main forces are driving this change: digitalisation and globalisation.

Here’s How Money CAN Buy Happiness

The true value of wealth is often overlooked. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’. What about ‘money can’t buy time’?

Alternatives to Cash or Gold? Try Investing in a Lamborghini

Despite what you may think, there’s a wide and diverse range of investments that fall outside the ‘normal’ portfolio…and these alt-investments can be surprisingly lucrative and resistant to market volatility.

Why You Should Never Trust an Economist

Most economists work in the upper echelons of government, academia, or big corporate…and we have developed a certain job security by convincing folks that economics is a science. It isn’t.

Why a Kiwi Market Overhaul Is on the Cards

Here are my observations and recommendations for a more vibrant investment ecosystem here in New Zealand.

Winter Is Coming: All the Signs of a Slowing NZ Economy

Orr, Jones and friends seem to think that the economy needs jump-starting. Maybe it does…let’s look at the facts.

Did Adrian Orr Just Predict a Crash in New Zealand?

When the Great Financial Crisis hit in 2008, the RBNZ dropped the OCR by 6%. If something happened today, they only have 1.5% to work with.

What’s Killing New Zealand’s Stock Market?

As we cross the 24-month mark for New Zealand’s IPO drought. It raises a question. Does New Zealand’s stock market have the capital to fund start-ups?

Sky TV [NZX:SKT] Share Price Soars by Over 4%

The Sky Network Television Limited [NZX:SKT] share price has increased by 4.1% at the time of writing.

A Clever Hack for Spotting Emerging Tech Trends

As these titans of industry have risen through the ranks of the world’s largest companies…they’re morphing. And they’re all changing the same way…by becoming competitors with one another.

Could NZ Be a World Leader in Cannabis?

Alas, there were no pistols or schematics present…nor were there any joints or bongs…or dreadlocks or ratty hoodies.

Top Investing Strategies — Part IV: 10 Secrets

Welcome to the final installment of our four-part series on the world’s top investing strategies. Today, we’ll examine 10 more strategies in a rapid-fire review.

Top Investing Strategies – Part III: Growth Investors

Today, we’ll delve into the investing strategy that is potentially responsible for more millionaires in today’s generation than any other approach.

Top Investing Strategies — Part II: Contrarian Investors

Welcome to Part Two of our four-part series on the world’s top investing strategies. Today, we’ll investigate a different approach that’s just that — different.