Matt Hibbard

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Matt Hibbard is Money Morning’s income specialist. With nearly three decades in the markets, Matt has traded just about every asset class there is. The one thing that has stuck with him over this time is a very simple premise. That is, it’s the cash a company generates that ultimately determines its value. Sure, some stocks might fly away to multi-digit gains. But unless these companies can convert the ‘story’ into real money, the market will eventually find them out. And when that happens, the share price quickly falls back to Earth. That’s why Matt is on the hunt for the next generation of dividend-payers. Stocks that should be able to pay their shareholders reliable and rising dividends into the future.

How to Up Your Income Flow

Some stocks just do not grab the imagination. There is no exciting China strategy to unfold. No game-changing piece of technology. But sometimes these stocks are not as dull as they might seem.

What’s in a Range?

Whether you are a devotee of technical analysis (TA), agnostic about it, or simply refuse to acknowledge any merit in it at all, it can still help with your trading.

The Art of Hedge Funds

There once was a time when working at a hedge fund was a sure-fire way to show that you had made it. But something happened to change all that.

The Challenge of Wage Growth

Unemployment is low in many parts of the developed world. Perhaps as low as it will go this cycle. The next thing on the economic agenda is wage growth.

How Are Passive Investors Influencing What Companies Do?

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) own such a big (and growing) chunk of stock. The so-called passive investors. But don’t be mistaken. These funds aren’t quite as passive as you think.

Want to Get into Options Trading? Here’s What You Need to Know

All option strategies come with risks and obligations. Irrespective of how complicated the strategy is, though, there is something that remains unchanged.

Please Leave it to the Real ‘Activists’

Once the bastion of true competition — capitalism — is now at the behest of activists. It is the world of so-called ‘passive’ investing.

Why Are Foreign Investors Buying Everything?

Awash with cheap funding, investors worldwide are running the ruler over Australian companies. A falling currency is only adding to the mix. The further the Aussie dollar falls, the cheaper any target company becomes. Australia has always relied on foreign