A digital nomad is someone who works from a laptop while travelling. It’s a great way of seeing the world while continuing to have money coming in. But just where should you stay when travelling as a digital nomad? Here are some of the options to consider. 



Short-term rentals


A short term rental is a rental property that you can rent out for one or two months. Unlike standard rental properties, you are not tied into a 6 month or year long agreement. Furnished short term rentals are popular as they prevent the need to buy furniture. They’re great places to use as a base for a month or two if you want to explore a single city or area in depth but aren’t likely to stay there for more than six months. It’s also likely to be cheaper than staying in a hotel or guesthouse for the same period of time, plus you have your own private space to live in and work from. 




Guesthouses are also rental properties but they are typically only rented out for very short periods ranging from a single night to a couple weeks. They are the types of properties commonly found on sites like AirBnb. If you want your own private space and you don’t mind doing your own self-catering, a guesthouse can be a great solution. Just make sure to look for guest houses that have wi-fi (most do, but not all). 




Some digital nomads like to stay in hotels because they offer a certain degree of luxury. You get your own room, but you don’t have to cook your own meals or clean up. Some hotels are targeted at travelling professionals and have fast secure wi-fi and desks in rooms, as well as reception lounges or bars to work from. You could even find a hotel with a pool and work by the pool. Just consider the fact that hotels can be more expensive.




Hostels are like hotels but with very basic amenities. You often have to share a room with strangers and you have to bring your own towels and toiletries. The good thing about hostels is that they are a lot cheaper than hotels. Many hostels do also have communal lounge areas with decent wi-fi where you can work from. You won’t enjoy the same privacy as a hotel, but you’ll still have somewhere comfortable to set up your laptop. Hostels tend to be more social environments and are an ideal place to meet other travellers when travelling solo. Check out some of these top hostels for digital nomads



Homestay accommodation


Homestay accommodation involves staying with a local in their home. It’s often a very affordable option and there may be potential perks like free home cooked meals provided by the host. You’ll get to experience living like a local, plus they’ll be able to offer you with local information on things to see and do. You may be able to work from a bedroom or shared communal area. Obviously, you will be staying in someone’s home, so you need to be prepared for this. There are sites dedicated to homestay listings


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