Buying a property is an exciting time in life – especially when purchasing your first. It’s a chance to have a fresh start, take on a project, and upgrade from where you were before. Plus, when buying your property becomes an asset which you can sell later down your life and make some money from. 

When buying a property, there are so many things to consider. You may want to consider the future potential of the properties you are interested in. Will any work need to be carried out before moving into it? Are the monthly payments on your mortgage sustainable? And so on. 

Below are a few tips on things to consider when buying a property. 


Will any work need to be carried out before moving in? 


A big question to consider before buying a property is the amount of work that will be required before moving into it. Does the property need any exterior work done to it, such as a drainage solution? (RS Foundations can help with this), New door put in? Fencing repaired or replacement window? The interior is just as important as you may need to replace the kitchen or bathroom as well as redecorate and put in new flooring for example. 



What potential is there with the property? 


When you look to the future, is there any potential for the property? Are you able to extend into the garden? Build upwards into the attic? Or maybe replace the garage with a bedroom or add a porch to the front of the property? For some people having future potential isn’t very important as they won’t stay long enough, whereas for others it’s a very important thing to consider. Plus, adding to your property will increase your wealth in the long run. 


Are the monthly payments sustainable? 


When getting a mortgage from a lender, for a lot of people it’s important you get as much money as you can. And why wouldn’t it be, the more money you can borrow the bigger and potentially better the property you buy will be. The downside of this however is you’ll have to pay a greater amount back each month. When taking out a mortgage, it’s important you consider the monthly payments and ensure they are sustainable. The last thing you want is the stress that you can’t afford to pay your mortgage each month. 

We hope the tips we have put together above help your journey to buying a property. The more prepared you are when buying the less stressful the process will be – although we can’t promise it will be stress-free as unfortunately, buying does have a certain level of stress attached to it. But that being said, the end goal is well worth it. 

Do you have any tips on things to consider when buying a property? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 


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