The bail bond process isn’t something most people have to go through, especially with any kind of regularity. As a result, most people don’t know what’s actually involved in the process. If you need to go through it, you’ll naturally be scared and confused. And that’s without even mentioning dealing with the legal system as a whole.

It doesn’t need to be a complicated process, however. Instead, it’s relatively straightforward, and intentionally so. The bail bond process starts with you being arrested and booked, during which you’ll be charged with a crime and have a lot of information taken for processing.

Next is when you get your phone call, which is where you start getting in touch with outside parties. Friends and family are the most common of these, as are attorneys, but it’s not uncommon to contact a bail bond company at this point. If you’d rather speak to someone else – like friends or family – they can contact a bail bond company on your behalf.

When it comes to being bailed out, you’ll have a few specific options. Waiting in jail until the case is resolved is obvious, but it’s not exactly the most appealing. Then there’s paying the court 100% of your bail. While this is obvious, it’s far from the most affordable option, especially with more serious crimes.

Then there’s contacting a bail bond company. They’ll pay the bond for you, but you’ll usually have to pay a deposit, usually around 10% of the bond. 


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