If you’re new to the property world, are tired of doing it all yourself, or just want to make the process easier, a buyer’s advocate can support you in your journey into property purchasing. 

What Is a Buyer’s Advocate? 

Buyer advocates, also known as buyer’s agents, are licensed real estate agents who work on behalf of the buyer. They take the legwork out of the process and aid in researching, negotiating and evaluating property purchases. 

So, real estate agents act in the sellers’ interests, and a buyer’s advocate represents the interests of the buyer. 

Hiring A Buyers Advocate

Hiring a buyer advocate is a daunting task, but when it comes down to it, Wakelin is the best choice for buyers agents in Melbourne. If you’re outside of Melbourne however, it’s best to do independent research and look into the local offerings near you.

Why Consider a Buyers Advocate in Melbourne?

When it comes down to it, a buyer’s advocate is a great way to take advantage of the complex property market. This can save you hours of research and costly mistakes, especially if you want to invest in properties outside of your local area. If you’re operating interstate, a buyers advocate makes life so much easier, and can also give you additional peace of mind. 



The Benefits of a Buyers Advocate


There are plenty of benefits of a buyer’s advocate, and here they are: 

Saving You Time

By finding and analysing properties, a buyer’s advocate can save you time. They are experts in identifying the type of property that would suit you the best, as well as its location. If you’re investing they can also help find promising areas for capital growth and rental gain.  

Navigate The Buying Process

Buying properties is stressful and complex. This is where a buyer’s advocate comes in, they can manage the complexities of home buying while also offering vital support and objective advice.  

Negotiating Good Deals

A buyer’s advocate is an expert at getting you the best deal, and sooner. They can head to the seller with a strong deal, led by market knowledge, and this means less back and forth. This can mean others are less likely to get to your dream property.  

A Competitive Edge

Buyer’s advocates have a leg up as they can access resources that aren’t always available to the public, including off-market properties. This means you get access to more information and a wider property pool.  

Explaining Hidden Costs

Correctly budgeting to buy a house means you have to know all about the hidden costs a potential homebuyer may have, like legal fees and government fees. A buyer’s advocate can explain these costs and even help you minimise them.  

Bid On Your Behalf

Auctions are an overwhelming task, even for experienced buyers. But if you employ a buyer’s advocate, they are licensed to bid on your behalf and can use their experience to cut through the intense emotions and work objectively. They are more likely to get you a good deal.   

Help You Avoid Mistakes

If this is your first time buying a property, you need all the help you can get. This is because there are many rookie mistakes first-time home buyers make. When you work with an advocate, they can help you look out for these mistakes and deal with these problems as they come.  

Local Knowledge

If you’re buying outside your local area, let’s say you’re in Tasmania, and wanting to buy in Melbourne, a buyers advocate can be helpful to help you enter the market in a safe and secure manner. 


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