Does it feel like no-one sees you at work, even though you always do your best? When you’re doing your job well and making no fuss, it’s easy to slip into the background. Your employer may be overlooking what you’re capable of just because you’re compliant.

If being overlooked is stopping you from advancing in your career, it’s time to make yourself more visible. There are lots of ways you can do this at work. Take a look at these great tips.



Voice Your Ideas At Meetings


Meetings give you a great opportunity to voice your ideas. When someone asks for opinions, don’t be afraid to put yours forward. Always be ready to offer solutions to problems that can help to propel the business in innovative ways.

The hardest part about doing this is developing your confidence. If you’re not used to speaking up, it may be totally out of your comfort zone. Just remember that practice makes perfect.


Strengthen Working Relationships


If you’re keeping yourself to yourself all day, it’s not surprising that your colleagues don’t know what you’re capable of. Be willing to spend time with your colleagues, especially your line managers and boss. The more they know about you, the better positioned you’ll be to be called upon for the next exciting project.

It’s also important you don’t allow colleagues to take advantage of you. Be willing to do your fair share of the work but speak up if colleagues are not doing theirs. If a colleague is mistreating you or is the reason for a workplace accident, you’re entitled to complain to HR or contact WSIB lawyers.


Challenge Yourself


There will always be opportunities for you to challenge yourself in the workplace. Whether it’s taking on more training to increase your qualifications or accepting projects you’ve never done before, It’s important that the people around you can see you’re willing to take on new challenges and advance in your career.

If the people around you get the impression that you’re content staying as you are and have no interest in moving forward, they’re unlikely to offer you new opportunities.


Represent Your Company


Networking has always played a big part in business growth but it can also enhance personal career goals. Offer to represent your company at any networking events so you can make new discoveries. It will help you to make connections with others in the business and keep your options open.

It will also allow you to see the most innovative ways of working in your industry first-hand so you’ll have inside knowledge when your company adopts new ways of working.


Develop a Reputation


Developing your reputation means letting people see that you’re an expert in your area. When people say your name, you want it to be associated with your expertise. Show people what you’re good at and how you can be creative in your role.

Perhaps you’re really good at communication or you’re known for being highly organized. Wherever your talents lie, use them to impress.


Work With a Mentor


Is there someone you look up to? Maybe there’s a particular job that you want for yourself in the future. Working with a mentor is a great way to get the inside scoop on what would be expected of you in a particular role. 

Learning from someone who has been there and done it before will allow you to build the skills required for where you want to be. It will also help you to understand how you can bring your own character to the job.


Highlight Others


It doesn’t always have to be about making gains for yourself. If you can see one of your colleagues is working tirelessly to achieve something, highlight that person when you can. Highlighting someone else’s achievements is a great way to be a good team player, while showing that you’re willing to build other people up.

For the most part, what you do for your coworkers they will learn to do for you. When the whole team is working that way, everyone is getting the limelight they deserve and everyone knows who does what the best.



Stay Humble


As you climb the career ladder, remember that no job is beneath you. For example, if it’s your turn to make tea and coffee, do it gladly. Let everyone know that advancing isn’t going to change your personality.

Someone who cares is often visible for how well they treat their colleagues and the rest naturally follows. 

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