Did you know that the average home stays on the market for only 45 days before going back down again?  

If you have a property to sell, you might feel a little panicked now. With so many houses not selling after their first listing and new construction coming online almost daily, it’s getting harder to find properties that will sell quickly and for top dollar.  

This article will look at seven tips for selling your property faster and making more money in the process. 



Make Sure Your Property is Show-Ready


If you want to sell your property quickly, you must ensure it’s show-ready. That means ensuring the place is clean and tidy, with no clutter or forgotten items. 

It also means ensuring that the property is in livable condition, even if you plan on fixing it up before selling. 

After all, they may not have the money or the expertise to fix up the place, so it’s up to you to make sure it’s as close to move-in ready as possible.


Be Careful About Who You Select to Help Sell


It’s essential to be careful about the real estate agents you select to help sell your property. If you have a friend or relative who is a realtor, that’s great. If not, you need to be careful about who you select to help sell your property.  

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However, there are also many agencies out there that will make you regret choosing them. Suppose you select a poorly-rated agency or realtor. In that case, they may drag out the process, drag down your property’s overall value, and put your deal at risk.


Shorten Your Commissions Window


If you want to sell your property quickly and make as much money as possible, you may want to shorten your commission window. 


If you want to sell your property for a higher price, you may be tempted to extend commissions to the maximum length of time. 


You may also be tempted to shorten your window if you want to sell your property for a lower price. However, keeping your window shorter may make your property more appealing to sellers and help you sell your property faster. 


Don’t Overprice Your Property


As a property owner, you want to ensure you don’t overprice your property.  

This is the last mistake people make when trying to sell their property quickly. They think that if they get more money upfront, they will make more money in the long run.  

When you do this, you end up losing money on the deal. If you overprice your property, no one will buy it. This will cause it to sit on the market longer than it needs to, and it may even sit there until you lower the price.





If you have a property that you need to sell, you may be feeling some panic.  

However, these steps may help you sell your property faster and make more money.  

Make sure your property is show-ready, be careful about who you select to help sell it, shorten your commission window, and don’t overprice your property.


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