Your employees are the backbone of everything you do. Without your team you cannot get very far. It takes a village to get from the bottom to the top, and most importantly it takes a village to stay at the top. Keeping your employees satisfied and feeling appreciated is something that will enable you to keep the team together and keep your vision alive. Here are a few ways to help your team stick together so that your company and their lives can continue to grow. 


Help improve their lives


Helping your employees become better people is showing the ultimate form of appreciation. Your employees put so much effort into helping you and improving your life, that doing the same for them really hits home. Having a continuing education program where employees can earn their degree or earn an advanced degree is optimal. A degree allows most people to earn extra money, to move up to bigger roles within the company, and to better themselves. The best part of a program of this kind is that if you are making your employees feel as if they matter, they will take all their new found knowledge and skills and invest them right back into your company. 


Onboard employees effectively


If you make a new employee feel super important, they are more likely to remain loyal to you for a long time. Onboarding employees properly will help your team come together in a unique way. The onboarding experience can help instill loyalty from the very beginning, and once the new employees are fully immersed in the culture and working side by side with their equally loyal coworkers, your growing team will feel obligated to make your vision come true no questions asked. The first impression is the most important impression, and if you can instill the company culture from the start and make your employees feel welcome and important, they will stick with you for a long time. 


Publicly thank your team


With social media, the world is at your fingertips. Use your social media accounts to tell the world, your followers, and anyone who will listen that you appreciate your team and your success is directly affected by their hard work and dedication. Employees will more likely spread and share your post so your audience will grow and you may be able to grow your business. Your employees will also be more likely to promote your business as well as they will want more opportunities to impress you and be told they are doing a great job. 


Help your team stay healthy


Another great way to show appreciation for your team is to help them reach their fitness goals. People who work out and eat well are more likely to be more productive and are more likely to be more alert. You can help your team succeed in this area by offering them opportunities to stay fit through gym memberships. A gym membership incentive will push your team to stay healthy and feel great about themselves. When you feel great about yourself, your chances of being self-confident increase and you will begin to perform better. That works for you and your company because you can become more successful if your employees are loyal and they are feeling great about all that they do. 


Allow for more time off


Life happens, and sometimes people need a little time off. Employees are more likely to dislike where they work if getting some time away from the company is a hassle. If you offer extra time off, your employees will be more grateful. No one wants to feel limited in their life, and sometimes, when a company doesn’t offer enough time off, employees will feel trapped and may start looking for work elsewhere, which may cost you great employees. Allow for employees to feel more free with their time so that they don’t feel their entire life is their job. Usually, when you offer something in a large quantity, the employee is less likely to abuse the privilege because they will always have access to what they need. 



Celebrate employee birthdays


Everyone wants to feel important on their birthday. It is the one day a year when it’s all about you. If an employee doesn’t take the day off, celebrate their birthday with all of your colleagues. Birthday celebrations help an individual feel seen and feel as if they are part of a community and family. The feeling of belonging makes them a better team player, and they will be more loyal to everyone and want to do their best in making sure they are doing their part to make the company great. Everyone deserves a little attention and this is the best way to do that. 


Keep your office door open


In a lot of company settings, management reviews the performance of their team in order to help them be their best and improve their skills. A great way to keep morale up is to give employees the opportunity to give feedback of their own about how things are running. Your team is on the frontlines. They know what is going on in the day to day operation of your business so they are the best people to ask for some constructive criticism. Asking your employees their opinion also shows that you trust them, and that trust will motivate them to stick around because their voice matters and is always heard. 


Host events


Every now and again, get everyone together outside of the office for some fun and bonding. Knowing your coworkers and team away from their daily tasks helps everyone feel that they are appreciated and their work is being noticed. It’s a nice balance between a person’s office persona and their real-life persona. When someone feels that they are truly known by everyone they work with, a strong bond is created and the team becomes more cohesive. You have the chance to create a chosen family. Take the opportunity and thrive.


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