Today, with the many ongoing changes to the global landscape that have been ushered in by digital technology innovations, as well as global trends of various sorts, more and more people are working from home.

One of the things that needs to be taken into consideration with home offices, is that they allow a substantial amount of personal control over the layout and structure of the working environment, and also allow for the easy introduction of an Ergonomic Chair, a standing desk, and any number of other comfort-boosting additions.

But whether you’re working from a home office, or in a more conventional office environment, it’s important to take whatever steps you can to make your office space comfortable. 

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to do so.


So that you’re able to get into deep focus without excessive distraction and stress


According to the author and academic Cal Newport, the ability to do “Deep Work” is more fundamentally essential today than perhaps ever before, for anyone who wants to be able to put their best foot forward professionally, without being replaced by advances in automation.

The thing about getting into a state of deep focus without distraction, is that it is more or less impossible to achieve if you are habitually stressed and uncomfortable in your workspace.

If, for example, you are constantly feeling unnecessary nagging aches and pains as a result of your office chair and other furniture, your ability to actually enter into a “flow state” and do your best work is bound to be substantially diminished.

Having a comfortable workspace, on the other hand, can help you to better enter into the state of deep focus, and do your best work.



So that you don’t end up needlessly resenting your work


No one wants to end up in a situation where they hate their work and resent having to turn up every day to the job, but this is unfortunately a fairly common experience for many different people.

If your office environment is uncomfortable, this will inevitably contribute to making you feel more bitter and resentful towards your work, and this will then subsequently reduce your overall sense of well-being on a daily basis.


So that you’re in a better position to remain calm and to communicate effectively


If your workspace is uncomfortable, you’re certainly likely to be more short tempered as a result – and this is likely to be particularly detrimental for anyone who needs to communicate effectively and empathically with others, over the course of the average working day.

A comfortable workspace, on the other hand, can help to put you in a position of greater calm and positivity, and this can then help to make you more approachable, empathic, and effective as a communicator in a variety of different contexts – either with regards to your colleagues, or the with regards to prospective customers or clients, business partners, or any number of other people.


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