In the era of fast information, brands, labels, and smart packaging options are everywhere. After all, consumers can create a solid first impression in their minds in less than 7 seconds, and the competition has never been fiercer – across all sectors! 

Because of this, understanding what your packaging and labels are saying about your brand is essential. Are you properly targeting your wanted market? Are you responding to the right needs and wants? Are you setting yourself apart from the competition? Here are some easy tips to start analyzing your products’ labels today. 


Minimal package for an eco-conscious company


For over 67% of consumers, sustainability is an influential factor in their buying process. If you already know that and you have introduced CSR and sustainability policies in your organization, you should not forget to actually communicate your values and commitment. 

Of course, you will have a page on your website that speaks clearly about your effort and the goals you have achieved, but will your consumers actually check out your website? Start communicating your brand values by investing in minimal, ethical, and recyclable packaging. 


Let it tell your story


A label does not leave a lot of space to tell your consumers your whole story, but it never hurts to show who are the people behind the brand. To do so, there are many options to consider. You could write a blurb, use a QR code to redirect users to your site’s “About Us” page or leave hints that your customers can pick up. For example, just writing the year when your company was established can tell your consumers that your brand can be trusted. 



QR codes for innovative companies


The number of regulations, laws, and requirements that manufacturers need to meet is increasing. Not only do you need to add to your label the product’s nutritional values, ingredient list, and allergens. 

You now also need to specify what requirements the product meets if it is vegan, cruelty-free, kosher, natural, organic, etc. all this writing has made it more difficult for consumers to find the right information. So, to cut down on ink, labels, and packaging materials, many companies have resorted to creating an ad hoc QR code that redirects to a page with all the necessary information.


Bright colors to target younger markets


The psychology behind brand and packaging colors is complex, and it is important for you to understand what colors appeal more to a certain market. Knowing how to target a specific market can help you grow your business, win over customers’ loyalty, and set you apart from the competition. 


Can communicate care and attention


Consumers are always more interested in finding brands that uphold values similar to theirs. For many, it has become important to find manufacturers that put care and attention into the products they produce, opting for handmade, sustainably manufactured items. For example, investing in Plastic Packaging Technologies for your pet food products allows you to show that you are fighting product waste and you wish to create higher-quality products. Of course, this also makes the product worth more!


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