You’re a hard worker, but maybe you’re wanting to look for something to do during your free time or just make some additional cash then side hustles are great for that. With side hustles, you have plenty of options with what you want to do and how you want to do them. More people are exploring the possibilities of working on a side hustle while also balancing out a 9 to 5 job. If you have wanted to start focusing more on your passions and creative side while having the stability of a full-time job, then continue reading for tips on how to balance both of them out.


Choose something realistic


If you want your side hustle to be something that you love doing, then that’s great! Just ask yourself if it’s something that you can honestly make a reasonable profit from. Will this side hustle be something that is both easily marketable but something can rave about and return for more? It’s very important to think about this before investing time and money. You should research what you’re going to do, how much competition there is, how you plan to market it, and also look into the success of business models from competitors. You’ll need to have a business model that can run effectively.


Starting with a vision


Creating a vision board, or even a board on Pinterest can both be great ways to keep you motivated to continue what you’re doing. These visuals can help remind you that you need to keep the eye on the prize no matter how busy your schedule gets.


Make a schedule that works for you


You’ll want to make a schedule that will work best for you. While starting a new side business will be very overwhelming, it can be possible to divide up some of the time. You’ll need to figure out how to properly manage your time. Try your best to make use of any spare time that you have such as on weekends, evenings, and vacations.

While everybody works differently, having a routine can be an advantage. If you’re a night owl, then try to dedicate a few hours of your evening to your side hustle. If you’re more a morning person, then wake up a bit earlier so you can focus on it before work.  Just be sure to find a balance for yourself that won’t cause any exhaustion or burnout. Don’t forget about having some time to yourself, to your family, and planning out your future. Side hustles are great for having an additional income that can be put back in retirement and investments. You can have as many side hustles as you want and they can be as big or as little as you want to. Accuplan Benefits Services IRA LLC is a great way to know what some of your options are.



Discuss your side-hustle with your boss


This tip may only be best if you have a good boss, so proceed with caution. Some bosses cheer their employees on for having a second job, a small business, or a side hustle. Not all bosses unfortunately are this supportive of their employee’s endeavors. Depending on the relationship you have with your boss and whether or not they have good character, this is something that you can discuss with them.

 You can tell them that you want to focus some of your energy on this outside of office hours, or even maybe discuss that you’d like to draw attention to it from employees so word of mouth about it can spread. There could also be the possibility of negotiating with your boss about giving you more flexible work hours.  This could work out in your favor, but it’s best to just proceed with caution.


Look into automation


Depending on your side-hustle, automation tools can take you to the next level. Your time is precious and some tasks can be a little too redundant. The power of automation can help for things such as email marketing, email responses, posting new blog posts, or other content such as social media posts such as Instagram. There are so many options out there for automation, so if you need to market your business and have little time then automation is the answer to growing your side-hustle.


Utilize breaks and free time


If you have enough time during your commute, lunch break, or your 15-minute break, try to utilize these for your side-hustle. You can use this time to respond to messages, emails, engagement on social media, or even post some content for your side-hustle. These tidbits of free time can help make a difference.


Nurture this


Your side hustle will need a lot of love and attention, it shouldn’t be something that gets neglected, just like a baby. While it’s important to take time out for yourself and just relax, some time should also be set out for your side-hustle. You can just start with a few hours a week for developing what you will do, and then slowly build a couple of more hours to it when building a foundation. You’ll just need to remember that this is all about working efficiently and that you need to have a dedicate time each week. 

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