Material handling is an integral part of every warehouse. Without it, you cannot carry out the tasks that are necessary for running a successful business. Here are seven pieces of equipment that will help increase your material handling efficiency and make everything easier for your employees.


Hand trucks


Hand trucks are one of the most primary pieces of material handling equipment, but they can also be one of the most useful. They improve your efficiency by saving on time and effort when transporting items to and from the warehouse. 


Platform trucks


Platform trucks are wheeled vehicles that transport items in bulk. However, unlike hand trucks, they can carry many more things simultaneously, and you can use them for short distances between locations or long-distance transfers from location A to B.

There are different types of platform trucks available as well: walkies, towable, and rail movers. The type you choose will depend on your needs, but the two most important considerations are what types of items you need to move and how many people can use them at one time.


Walkie stackers


Walkie stackers are a type of platform truck that is specifically for the sole purpose of carrying items in bulk. As it’s sometimes called, a walkie packer has two different sections: one on top and one underneath. 

The bottom section moves freely while the upper section always remains stationary. It allows you to put as many items on the upper section of the walkie packer to create a stable base for sorting or loading.


Pallet floor scales


Pallet floor scales are another essential piece of material handling equipment. They allow you to quickly and efficiently track the weight distribution across your warehouse by counting each pallet on a scale. If you have many different types of products that may not weigh the same or take up equal space on a pallet, it will allow you to see which items need more attention.

There are a few considerations when it comes to choosing the best type of pallet floor scales:

  • Do you want one with digital readouts or analog? Digital readings give an accurate weight measurement, but they can be difficult for some people to understand immediately. In contrast, reading from an analog scale is much easier.
  • What type of readout do you want? Some scales provide a digital readout for the weight. Others keep it simple with an indicator that turns red when you reach a specific limit.



Order picker


An order picker is a type of material handling equipment that allows you to quickly and easily select the items in a preset order without lifting them. It is helpful for warehouse workers who have spent time organizing products by size, quantity, or location.


Side loader


Side loaders move items from one location to another. You can use this equipment in many different situations, including loading or unloading trucks and containers.




An AGV -Automated Guided Vehicle- is quite versatile and can either be automated, carrying items between locations without any human assistance at all or semi-automated with the option to let people take control when needed.

Hopefully, this article comes in handy when choosing equipment that will increase your material handling efficiency, and in turn, your business productivity. 


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