Most business owners are dependent on a team of people.

Whether you have twenty employees or hundreds of employees scattered across multiple offices, stores or locations, it’s critical to find the best talent.

Your team is a reflection of your brand, and your employees can make the difference between success and failure. In this guide, we’ll explore some effective ways to attract the best candidates.


Targeted advertising


When you advertise vacancies, it’s beneficial to try and target people who possess the skills, qualifications and character traits you’re looking for.

Consider using specialist recruiters and websites and magazines dedicated to specific industries to maximize the chances of finding candidates that fit the bill.

Include as much information as possible in the adverts if you have precise requirements.

It is essential to be clear about what you are looking for if you are looking for candidates with a minimum level of experience or advanced training, for example.

Providing clarity will help you ensure that your adverts reach the right people and discourage those who don’t have the relevant skills or experience from applying.  


Choosing the right places to search for employees


The Internet and the rise of remote working have opened up access to much more expansive talent pools but many companies are still looking for talent closer to home.

If you are looking for new members of staff, it’s wise to think about where you’re going to find candidates that have the necessary skills and talents.

Working in a big city is an attractive proposition for many ambitious employees who want to get well-paid jobs and climb the career ladder.

If you are based in a city and you require your employees to be office-based, it’s a good idea to focus on local recruitment.

If you have an international company or you offer remote opportunities, you can be more flexible in your search. 

Remember, if you are working internationally, you may need some kind of registration, such as an LEI code for Hong Kong businesses to work in Europe.



Offering a competitive package


There is currently a global talent shortage, and this means that it’s difficult for employers to attract the best candidates and that employees are in a good position to negotiate.

You can outshine your rivals and persuade individuals to choose your business by offering a competitive, attractive package. Conduct research and speak to existing employees to find out more about what people want and what kinds of factors and incentives would make them choose one employer over another.

Today, many people are more interested in flexibility, work-life balance and progression and development opportunities than salary.

If you can cater to changing demands and embrace new trends, you may stand a better chance of encouraging the best employees to join your team. 


Making the most of interviews


Hiring the right people for your business is not just about qualifications and skills. It’s also about finding employees who share your values and have the personality traits you’re looking for. Use interviews to get to know people and find out what makes them tick. It can be very difficult to get an accurate impression of what people are like from a resume or an application form. 

Your team can be your most valuable asset. If you’re looking to hire new employees, take these tips on board to attract the best talent. 


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