Have you considered investing in properties overseas?

It seems like a very attractive option if you are trying to get away from your existence.

And while wherever you are, there are plenty of lucrative real estate investments, there is always that draw of going to another country.

Investing in properties overseas can be a great investment, and earn higher rental yields, not to mention the fact it’s a holiday home, but is real estate in other countries as good as it seems?


The pros of investing in foreign real estate


If you invest in luxury real estate you have a holiday destination booked for use all around the year.

This is a great way for you to get away from your typical existence, and you can let out the property for a higher amount than typical residential properties.

When you are investing in foreign real estate, you’ve got the allure of another country.

When you invest in luxury real estate, this is naturally a very attractive prospect, making you the envy of friends or family.


The cons of foreign real estate


When we invest in a property in another country, this will double our depth.

If you are already investing in your own property, and the mortgage hasn’t run out, you may find that you are in over your heads.

Therefore you choose to raise the rent, however, the income may not cover both mortgage payments.

Also, when you are purchasing an overseas property, there are many fluctuations in the cost of the return, such as the exchange rate.

While you can work with a management company to help you through this, it can feel like you are placing a lot of faith in a company that might be after your money.

And, on a practical note, you would have to choose if you are going to let out the property during the winter or summer months.

A place with any adverse weather conditions may not be an attractive prospect.

For example, a place like Florida brings sunshine, but also plenty of hurricanes!



What should you consider when buying a property overseas? 


If you are purchasing a property as an investment, you must think about the location.

If it has good local amenities and is popular with tourists.

You should also consider the holiday season, and if the destination shuts down during the off-season.

As far as your earning potential is concerned, it’s important to see how much rent other properties charge.

You need to balance this in terms of the tax and rates of that country, as well as the occupancy costs.

If you purchase a property that is already being let out, you could liaise with the current owner about these components.

Foreign real estate is a very enticing prospect, especially when it comes to living in a different climate and while a holiday home is a dream for us, it’s important to think hard about the realities of the situation and if it is worth our while.

Because it’s not just a way to earn extra money, it can be a significant weight on our minds.


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