When you’re looking to build wealth, you might think that you need to knuckle down and work hard or focus on making as many sound investments as possible, and that is undoubtedly true.

However, sometimes it can be a bit easier than that, and the following sources of unclaimed money, which many of you reading this may be entitled to, is a case in point…




The IRS is really good at taking your hard-earned money, but they are often less efficient at returning it to you if you happen to have paid too much tax in the past, especially if you have moved state or changed email addresses, making it difficult for them to get in touch with you.

So, it could be worth getting in touch with them if you think you could be due a refund.




There have been so many stories over the years of people who bought Bitcoins back in the day and either made a lot of money by selling them on or were devastated because they lost, sold, or threw away the hard drive they were being stored on, thus basically throwing away thousands of dollars!

Do you remember buying Bitcoins before they were big?

If you can find your wallet or hard drive and recover them, you could be in for a pretty nice windfall.





Have you been treated badly by a company? Received a personal injury at work?

Providing you act within the time limits for a personal injury claim, for example, you could win thousands of dollars that you are perfectly entitled to for your pain and distress.

So many people don’t realize that their injuries (or other issues) are bad enough to make a claim, but often they are, so it may well be worth speaking to a lawyer to see if there’s any money you could be due.


U.S. treasury bonds


Back in the day, U.S. treasury bonds were being promoted like The Kardashians.

They were everywhere and everyone was buying them to help the country during World War II, and they were obviously very popular for a long time after that too.

The thing is, they were easily forgotten about for one reason or another.

That’s why the United States Treasury has set up the Treasury Hunt website that can help you track yours down and cash them in.

Think you may have had some in the past? It’s worth taking a few minutes to check. 


Insurance policies


From life insurance policies to retirement funds, there are so many people who have started paying premiums for an insurance product only to forget about it when life gets in the way, and although tracking them down can take some time, it can be done, and it can be surprising just how much you are owed.

Obviously, these are all one time deals, so you can’t expect to build your wealth on them, but that money is yours so why not claim it and get it working for you?


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