If you’re looking to reinvent yourself economically after the pandemic, then you’ll want to read on.

One of the best ways to supplement your income is to look to earn money in different and intuitive ways, not just by upping your hours at work and hoping to be paid overtime.

If you’re unsure of where to start, then take note as this is the ultimate guide to making more money.


Affiliate marketing


Get your hands on some extra cash this year by launching a blog and begin affiliate marketing.

No idea what this is? Don’t worry, we didn’t either until we wrapped our head around it.

The premise is fairly simple. For example, if you decide to run a blog about travel, you can simply launch a website through WordPress or Wix.com and write about your experiences.

Sounds fun, right? Sure! However, the best part is how you earn from this scheme.

Apply to the likes of Google AdSense and you could have advertisements placed on your blog. Whenever somebody clicks these — whether accidental or on purpose — you will make a profit.


Buy & sell classic shirts


If you’re a bit of a sports fanatic, then you’ll already know how much value can be held in a vintage sports jersey.

If not, then read on as it’s time to start pocketing from this scheme.

Get your hands on some iconic classic football shirts either online or in your local charity store and start making money today.

The process is simple. Simply buy your shirts and sell them at a higher price than what you paid. Sites like eBay make this is a breeze for you to achieve some serious financial gains.

You can even add value to old strips too. Considering investing in a printing iron so that you can add names and numbers to the reverse of classic shirts with the original prints to increase their market value.

For some, football jerseys can hold massive sentiment — and this will convince them to sometimes overpay if necessary just to get their hands on a shirt they’ve longed after.


Stock market


Look no further than the stock market for some quick wins in 2021. At such a volatile and uncertain time, you will have to tread carefully but there is a host of IPOs set to take place this year that you ought to be counting on.

An IPO, otherwise known as an initial public offering or stock market launch, is a chance for the public, whether individual or institutional investors to buy shares of a company.

This is more commonly referred to as choosing to ‘float’ on the stock market or ‘going public’. Following the IPO, shares can then be traded freely on the market.

Coinbase, the secure platform that allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has been tipped to be one of — if not the — biggest IPOs of 2021, meaning that the Coinbase IPO should not be overlooked.

However, you should be aware of the level of speculative risk involved. Past performance is never an indicator of future performance. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.



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