The real estate industry is highly competitive and is a specialized area that requires specific skills and traits to succeed at selling homes.

This is where real estate agents or realtors come in.

In 2019, realtors earned an average income of $49,000, an improvement over the $41,800 mostly earned previously.

Indeed, others make so much more and are categorized as top-notch realtors.

What are the sellable qualities you should look out for in a real estate agent?

Read on for details.


Should be knowledgeable


 A real estate agent or realtor should know their way around effective and result-oriented negotiations.

Some go the extra mile to upgrade themselves with additional training courses relevant to the industry.

Others, however, gain insight through experience with buying and selling houses for years.

In specific cases, the best realtor has a vast knowledge of commercial and residential properties.

With expertise in both sectors, you can trust them with any property that needs to be sold. It’d help to know some relevant designations that most realtors go by.

These are:

  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES):As the name implies, they’re trained in assisting buyers and sellers in the 50 age bracket.
  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR):They’ve received additional education required to represent buyers, especially during transactions.
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS): They’re only trained in managing residential real estate.


Should be tech-savvy


In a 2014 study by the National Association of Realtors, it was discussed that 52% of home buyers depend mostly on the internet for information.

The internet continues to be the primary source where this group researches homes.

Therefore, as a quality to look out for, your real estate agent should be tech-savvy and comfortable using a wide range of tech gadgets necessary for the job.

Most importantly, they must understand Search Engine Optimization that’s necessary to sell properties online.

Through SEO, the tech-savvy realtor can understand buyer behaviors that influence sales.

SEO makes property listings stand out from the sea of other listings begging to be noticed.

In today’s digital age, people (buyers especially) expect to be notified when something new is on the market.

Once your realtor understands this, you’ve got yourself one with essential qualities.

Besides, it improves the online ratings of a specific seller, necessary for the next list of properties to be handled.


Should have a tremendous understanding of the local real estate market


 An extensive appreciation of the local market is a mark of an excellent agent or realtor.

This includes an in-depth understanding of the property selling process, local or state real estate legislations, and pricing brackets.

These are necessary, especially during the drawing up of contracts.

The last thing you want to be involved with is ending up with a real estate purchasing contract that lacks crucial details.

Before trusting your property with a realtor, it’s your asset first of all, and you have the right to demand the best professional to handle it.

Moreover, it’ll be in your best interest to conduct extensive research on other clients’ reviews about their realtors.



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