Myths, lies, and claptrap…

Life, in this period of a late, degenerate empire is not as amusing as it once was. It’s hard to laugh; too many people take their own conceits and delusions seriously.

Here at the Diary, we don’t especially care about freedom or democracy. We’re not Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians…or even Anarchists.

We just don’t like anyone telling us what to do. Or cheating us with fake money.

And we especially don’t like the humbug they use to justify it; it turns our minds to mush.


Disappearing liberty


Instead of letting people do what they want, the media, Congress, bureaucrats, academics, experts, and the White House all work away…

…like miners working a catacomb of seams under the USA — everything from health care to foreign trade to stock prices.

Sometimes cautiously. And now, recklessly. Drilling, blasting, and hauling out liberty like tons of iron ore…

…until the whole mountain finally collapses on them.

Do you really need to wear facemasks and lock yourself up at home? Can you really ‘print’ up dollars…pass them out as real money…and make people richer? Do Black Lives really Matter?

Are the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians really out to get us? Are illegal drugs the work of the devil? Is the economy really rebounding beautifully?

Every threat is an emergency…every challenge is urgent…and every issue is a reason to pass a law…call the cops…and print more money.


Thought police


You’ll recall that we are expected to believe two contradictory ideas at once. COVID-19 is such a ruthless killer, we were told a couple of months ago, we all need to stay home. The health scolds said that it was not ‘freedom’ that allowed us to step out into the sunshine, it was ‘license’ — a license to infect and kill our friends and neighbors.

But then, Black Lives Mattered so much, we all needed to go out and protest. The curiosity of the second imperative was that — according to the experts — Black lives are the ones most likely to be lost to the coronavirus.

Protestors said we should ‘defund the police’…

We agreed. But when we suggested ‘defunding’ the police last week, several dear readers wrote in horrified. They see the police as heroes. And nobody likes to see his heroes criticized, his gods mocked, or his myths exposed.

Last week, it was widely reported, for example, that American talk-show host Tucker Carlson lost advertisers — including Disney and T-Mobile — after warning that the Black Lives Matter program ‘may be a lot of things, this moment we’re living through, but it is definitely not about Black lives. Remember that when they come for you. And at this rate, they will.’

Tucker was talking about the thought police. There are some ideas you’re s’posed to have…and some you’re not.


More laws


But here at the Diary, we’re too rich to worry about our advertisers…too old to worry about our career…and too cussed to worry about offending people.

And dear readers can stop worrying about ‘defunding’ the police. It won’t happen. Even the protestors aren’t serious about it. They want more police…to police the police…and to police our thoughts, too. They say the U.S. suffers from ‘institutional racism.’

And, like all the other ills of our society — unemployment, spitting on the sidewalk, confederate monuments… you name it — it needs to be fought, with regulations, restrictions, controls…more busybodies…more laws…and more gun-toting cops to enforce them.

And on the front lines… the first responders in all these fights are the thought police. If you disagree with the ‘institutional racism’ hypothesis, for example, you are a ‘racist.’ Any contrary thoughts are illegitimate, because they come from racists.

And don’t think you can escape being tagged a ‘racist’ simply by getting down on your knees and begging for forgiveness. According to Critical Race Theory (CRT), if you’re White, you are a racist ipso facto. Even if you voted for Obama and now favor Biden (because he is open to the ‘reparations’ hustle), you are still a racist because you are only doing these things for your own benefit (say, to make yourself feel better about being a racist). No contrary interpretations are allowed.




Meanwhile, over on the other side of the ideological aisle, the ‘conservative’ drillers are hard at work, too.

While the rights of Americans are steadily being chipped away, they send their enforcers to ‘protect freedom’ in other countries — in Afghanistan, for example (not to mention the hundred or so other countries where they’re at-the-ready).

They want to police private commerce, too (telling American shoppers where they can buy goods… and telling U.S. businesses with whom they can trade)…They even use sanctions to control trade between two foreign, sovereign nations (forbidding trade with any country the U.S. doesn’t like).

They have their border controls…their money controls…their body scanners and required reports…and their gun slingers and their accountants — all designed to keep the foreigners in line.

And then, when the mob at home gets frisky, they — President Trump and Republican Senator Tom Cotton, prominently — suggest bringing the freedom troops back to the U.S., presumably to do for America what they did to Iraq.


Federal offenses


The whole thing is dizzying… with so much BS, so many delusions, so much nonsense, that we can’t keep up with it.

And there are dozens of agencies and departments…and hundreds of thousands of federales trying to make sure no one gets away with anything they haven’t approved.

Today, no one knows how many laws and regulations are on the books. When federal laws were compiled in the 1980s, they already filled 50 volumes and more than 23,000 pages.

Recently, we’ve seen the number of federal offenses estimated at 300,000 — that’s just the laws that carry criminal penalties. And the average American commits eight felonies (unwittingly) every day — before lunch.

Which is the obvious reason so many people are roughed up or even killed by the police; there are too many crimes, too many criminals… and too many people trying to put them in jail.

It is an obvious reason the U.S. economy is slowing, too — too much time and resources are devoted to pushing people around.

And it is an obvious reason why people are on edge… and ready to go to war with one another. The ‘two-system system,’ where one group gets 33 times as much fake money as the other — is corrupt and unfair.


Simple solution

Of course, the solution is simple. Defund all the police — the thought police, the COVID bulls, the racial relations scolds, the overseas freedom fighters, the Federal Reserve and its anti-free market shock troops, the sanctions imposers, the trade war enforcers, the drug cops, the anti-poverty fuzz…and so on. Cut them down to a tolerable size.

And here, we pause…and draw breath…

This, of course, will never happen… not as long as the fake money flows. It is this fraudulent wealth that now supports all the miners and their worthy causes — from ending institutional racism… to keeping the troops in the field…to providing the rich (via stock market gains) with trillions in unearned money.

It is the Fed that keeps this under-mining operation in business. Defund it…ASAP.

Stay tuned…



Bill Bonner