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97% Loss: The Biggest Disaster of 2022?


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Quick question: have you ever invested in a meme stock?

Well, if you have, you might already be familiar with how the cycle goes.


Source: The Balance


Meme stocks are quite unique. When they surge in popularity, it’s not because of the usual fundamentals:

Frankly, none of that matters except for pure adrenaline. Pure euphoria:

I have been watching, with morbid interest, the fate of one company that’s gone from hero to zero at warp speed. It has lost over 97% of its stock value over the past year:

Here at Quantum Wealth Report, we constantly talk about the best ways to protect wealth. To grow wealth. To earn passive income.

So, for our Eligible and Wholesale Clients, we are focused on finding undervalued companies with great fundamentals. Companies that have the best chance of giving us stable, long-term opportunity.

But, having said that, it’s just as important for us to look at the other side of the spectrum. To explore the allure of get-rich-quick schemes. To examine why they often lead to crash-and-burn results.

Like crime-scene investigators doing a forensic analysis, we want to learn from other people’s mistakes. Because when it comes to investing, understanding what you shouldn’t do can actually be as critical as learning what you should do.

Remember: wealth creation is incremental, while wealth destruction can be shockingly quick.

This a cautionary tale — an urgent one — and I implore you not to skip this…

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