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Fear and Greed: Is COVID-19 Creating a New Investment Opportunity?

Welcome to our first podcast and radio show! Join our panel of experts as they discuss the latest trends in stocks, property, and cryptocurrency.

Coronavirus: Is It Causing Bitcoin to Soar?

Blink and you might just miss it. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have surged in value during the coronavirus outbreak.

Could Bitcoin Boom Again in 2020?

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 10 years since bitcoin was introduced. But what’s happening in 2020 may be the most significant leap forward.

Cryptocurrency Price Crash: Here’s Why It Happened

In December, we saw the value of cryptocurrencies take a nosedive. It’s all related to an incredible heist involving a Chinese company known as PlusToken.

Does Bitcoin Have a Rival?

If bitcoin is considered gold in the crypto world, this competitor might be considered silver. Here’s why you should pay attention…