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Investing During a Storm?

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They say that we live in uncertain times.

But ask yourself: when has time ever been certain?

Just think about these historical events:


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This is history at its most significant. Most profound:

  • So, if you can, look back at how things were a century ago. Look back two centuries. Look back three centuries.
  • In fact, go back as far as you can. Study humanity’s written history closely. And you will find there has always been one day in particular — that special day of days — where people assumed they were living in certainty. But they actually weren’t.

Behind the scenes, the wheels of fate were already turning: 

  • These people found themselves at the precipice just before the plunge. But they didn’t know it at the time. They were blissful and ignorant — for 24 hours, at least.
  • So, ask yourself: when has time ever been certain?
  • Well, here’s the obvious answer: all time is uncertain. You just never realised it.



A short history of capitalism


Have you ever invested in the stock market? Do you intend to? Well, you may not know it, but the market has been around for over 400 years:

  • In 1602, the world’s first public-listed corporation, the East India Company, began trading on the world’s first sharemarket, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
  • Since then, capitalism has been ticking along like clockwork.
  • Wars. Revolutions. Recessions. Famines. Earthquakes. Through it all, the market has endured and survived and keeps cruising forward.
  • The market is, for lack of a better word, unstoppable.


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Karl Marx, the eternal socialist, is perhaps the biggest prophet of doom of our modern industrial age:

  • He believed that capitalism was hypocritical and unsustainable. It sows the seeds of its own destruction. It will surely come crashing down. And in the end, only communism — which will create a utopia free of private property — can give us salvation.
  • But Karl Marx died a poor, sickly man in 1883. Since then, his prophecies have failed to come true. There have been many boom-and-bust cycles in the economy — but none of them have led to the demise of capitalism.
  • On the contrary, what Marx clearly underestimated was humanity’s resilience, adaptability, and innovation.
  • The stock market serves as both a beacon and a fortress.


Source: Image generated by OpenAI’s DALL-E


Money does not sleep. Money wants growth. Money wants yield:

  • As new businesses are born, new services are provided, new technologies evolve, and new customers are found, the stock market will keep marching forward.
  • The market — free and wild and organic — will continue to find creative solutions to the most pressing problems we have in our society.
  • Indeed, it is the ultimate problem-solver.


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Yes, all time is uncertain. But one thing is for sure: crisis can be the best discounting tool.

  • It allows smart investors to buy the dip, capturing fantastic assets around the world at a discount.
  • During a macroeconomic shock, everything on the market is for sale. Everything is marked down to its fair value. Quality is available on the cheap.
  • To capitalise on this, all you need is a little bit of courage. Just a little bit. And the trajectory of your life could be transformed for the better.



Our opportunity for you


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John Ling

Analyst, Wealth Morning

(This article is general in nature and should not be construed as any financial or investment advice. Managed Account Services are for Wholesale or Eligible investors as defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Please request a free consultation if you would like to discuss your eligibility.)

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