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You already know this: World War II was the most destructive conflict that mankind has ever seen.

It was a total war. Fought on land, sea, and air. Turning many parts of the globe into rubble and ruin.

The scale of the destruction was only made possible through the sheer power of mass industrialisation. Because of this, up to 85 million people are estimated to have died during World War II. By comparison, *only* up to 22 million people died during World War I.

Now, if you’re a pessimist, you may see this as a sad indictment on the savagery of human nature.

However, despite the tragedy, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that World War II was also a laboratory for human resilience and innovation. Positive breakthroughs did happen as a result of this conflict.

For example, let’s look at the curious theory known as ‘survivorship bias’.


Source: Wikipedia

Survivorship bias became especially relevant during World War II. Here’s why:

However, statistician Abraham Wald at Columbia University looked again at the data. He started to question the original methodology. He felt that the analysis might be flawed:

Wald’s insights were profound. This led to a fundamental shift in how combat aircraft were protected during World War II, saving many lives:

Now, this brings us to an Australian company that may be the perfect candidate for survivorship bias:

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