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The Man Who Doubled His Family’s Wealth in Months


The year was 1815, and Europe was on a knife’s edge.

You could taste the fear in the air.

The Duke of Wellington was going up against Napoleon.

The Battle of Waterloo.

The fate of civilisation itself hung in the balance.


Source: Julian Fellowes’s Belgravia


You have to remember:

There were a lot of question marks. The anxiety was nail-biting:

How effective was the Baron’s strategy? Well, consider this:

This time gap was critical:

It was a risk, yes, but the Baron felt it was a calculated risk:

As a result, the Baron doubled the wealth of the Rothschild family in a matter of months:



Fear events can present a unique opportunity


We tend to think of investors like the Baron Rothschild as being exceptional. Maybe even an anomaly. And there’s no way that regular folks like us can match what he did. Or…can we?

Here’s the important thing to understand: human nature never changes. The same instincts that sparked fear over 200 years ago are still the same instincts that we see today:

Just ask my colleague Simon Angelo:


Source: Dezeen


The end of the UK. Really? Really? More rational minds would have considered this:

So, does leaving the compliance-heavy European Union automatically spell the end of the UK? Or is a fresh chapter unfolding as the UK recalibrates and reinvents itself?



A case to be made for carefully buying the dip


Are you still in doubt? Are you looking for more evidence? Well, here’s some compelling data to consider:

What they discovered is fascinating. Here’s a snapshot:


Source: Invesco


These numbers suggest that the markets have been remarkably robust and healthy in the long-term — overcoming all the short-term pain and tears that we’ve seen over the generations:

So, when exactly do you buy the dip? How do you buy the dip? This requires careful consideration:



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John Ling

Analyst, Wealth Morning

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