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The story of humanity is the story of farming.

Once upon a time, most people worked in agriculture.

Cultivating crops. Raising animals. Managing forestry.

Indeed, agriculture was the single-most important activity in the economy.

But somewhere along the line, this stopped being true. And the role of farming has shrunk dramatically over the years.

Here are some real-world examples:


Source: Our World in Data


Look at the graph above. You don’t need to be a professor to notice one striking fact. The biggest plunge happened from 1800 onwards.

Why? How?

Well, the Industrial Revolution arrived. The impact of this was huge. It transitioned the planet from an economy based on agriculture to an economy based on manufactured goods and services:


Source: Visual Capitalist


To date, we have experienced five long waves of innovation. A sixth is currently underway. All this has disrupted our society in several critical ways:

So, here lies the great dilemma of our age:

Interestingly enough, even though New Zealand has a large agricultural sector, it appears that our money managers don’t actually seem to value food all that much.

As of 30 September, 2022, here are the five-largest stock holdings in the New Zealand Superannuation Fund:

You can see that tech has a dominant presence in the Super Fund. This is what powers our pension payments. It’s not hard to understand why:

So, you can’t blame our money managers for going where the growth is. However, is this approach actually short-sighted and myopic? Are investors missing out by being too obsessed with tech? Well, consider this:

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