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10 Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More: Restaurants


Regular restaurant maintenance is essential to running an efficient and successful business. Cleanliness, safety and proper functioning are essential in keeping customers satisfied and will lead to greater profits for you as a restaurant owner.

Here are a few areas of your restaurant that should be regularly maintained to keep it at the standards your customers expect.



Great Service


In a restaurant, the most important thing is the food. But the experience of eating out is a very close second on that list. A lot of this experience comes down to the service your customers receive. Good service not only keeps your customers coming back, but it also increases the chance of larger tips for your restaurant and staff. However, it’s important to research local laws before you implement tips policies, such as New Jersey tip laws

Good training and encouragement will motivate your waitstaff to treat customers well, and it all adds up to a fantastic restaurant experience.




Maintaining clean, professional-looking flooring in your restaurant requires regular sweeping, mopping and waxing to keep it looking polished while creating a safe walking surface for customers. For optimal cleanliness, use a disinfectant cleaner or spray after each service shift to kill germs that might have remained behind, and inspect regularly for any scuffs, tears or loose tiles which require repair.


Tables and Chairs


For both hygiene and aesthetic purposes, tables and chairs should be cleaned daily using antibacterial cleanser or fabric softener sheets before being set out for customers. Before placing out tables for customers to use, inspect for cracks or scratches in tables that need fixing immediately, broken legs on chairs that need repair, cracked tops on chairs which need to be addressed immediately, as well as any broken or unstable legs on chairs that must be repaired immediately or replaced immediately as soon as detected.




Your restaurant bathrooms should be cleaned frequently throughout the day, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces like door handles, sinks, toilets and faucets. To maintain germ-free restrooms, switch out cleaning supplies every few days while using a floor cleaner after each service shift; periodically inspect bathroom fixtures for damage that requires repair.


Kitchen Appliances


Regular maintenance of kitchen appliances is vital to keeping food safe and avoiding health code violations due to malfunctioning equipment. Check refrigerators, ovens and stoves daily for proper temperatures before thoroughly cleaning the interiors on a weekly basis. Furthermore, inspect electrical connections and wiring periodically for signs of wear or damage that need repair.




Be sure to regularly sanitise all cutlery in hot water or run them through a dishwasher prior to serving customers, inspecting knives, forks and spoons for sharp edges that could injure someone and replace them as necessary.


Food Storage Areas


To avoid food contamination, always keep storage areas like pantries, shelves and refrigerators organised and free from dust particles or pests at all times. Check expiration dates regularly on items stored in fridge/freezer units and dispose of anything past its use-by date quickly. Furthermore, store each food item individually to prevent cross-contamination of other foodstuffs.


Ventilation System


For optimal kitchen ventilation, ensure that air ducts and vents are regularly checked for dust or debris and cleaned as necessary. Inspect filters on vent hoods frequently to make sure they remain clear of dirt or grease build-up for proper ventilation in your space.


Trash Areas


To minimise odours and bacteria spreading throughout your restaurant’s premises, ensure all trash areas remain free from trash at all times. Empty bins regularly throughout the day and dispose of anything hazardous according to local regulations; additionally, inspect for holes or tears that need repair to ensure no rodents or pests gain entry through these openings.




An essential aspect of restaurant aesthetics is ensuring your parking lot remains clear from debris, oil or any other hazardous materials. Inspect the area regularly for any commercial concrete potholes, cracks or damaged curbs to repair immediately. In addition, trim any overgrown foliage or weeds which might obstruct customer views of signs or walkways to keep customer experience optimal.





In order to inform customers about specials and safety regulations in your restaurant, regularly inspect signage for damage due to weather. Replace any broken panels as necessary and repaint faded letters so all messages conveyed by it can be read clearly by all.

Maintaining these 10 areas regularly is integral to running a successful and safe restaurant. By staying on top of maintenance schedules, you can ensure customers always enjoy dining at your establishment.


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