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Bull Market


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Are you a pessimist?

Are you uncomfortable with risk?

Does confronting the unknown make your palms sweat and your heart race?

Well, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Many people feel exactly the same way you do — and it’s totally natural to have a negativity bias.

It’s about biology. It’s about evolution. It’s about history.


Source: Psychology Today


Your negativity bias is wired into your DNA. It dates all the way back to the beginning of human civilisation. Back to the days when we were hunter-gatherers:

Now, let’s fast-forward to the modern era that we live in. The 21st century. So much has changed for humanity:

The mainstream media understands this all too well. And it goes out of its way to feed our negativity. To amplify it. To enlarge it:


Source: Barron’s



…that didn’t age well, did it?

Shockingly, the so-called experts got it very, very wrong. And any investor who followed their misguided advice would have lost out on a great deal of wealth:

Now, of course, it’s not just the American press with a history of making dumb predictions. Across the Atlantic, the British press can also lay claim to their share of stupidity as well:


Source: Reddit


Well, jeez…

…what a spectacular miscalculation.

You’re starting to see a pattern here, don’t you? Crystal balls that don’t age well? Predictions that prove to be ill-informed in hindsight?

So…for the sake of your long-term financial security…I urge you to urgently rethink all the news headlines that you’ve been reading lately:


Source: MarketWatch


Watch out. The American stock market has just hit a very important milestone, known as the January Indicator Trifecta. We see 3 powerful buttons being activated at the same time. Here’s why you should care:

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