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Should You Move Abroad to Further Your Career?


Earning a living in another country can be the start of an international career, it can bring better opportunities, provide more job satisfaction and generally be an exciting way to establish yourself in life and career. However, jetting off to a new place in the world isn’t without its drawbacks. You might come up against culture shocks and language barriers, xenophobia or racism. You might become homesick and miss your old life, or struggle integrating yourself (and your family if you’re moving with one) into the new location. For this reason, it’s worth considering really carefully. 


What are your reasons for wanting to move abroad?


There are lots of reasons you might have landed on the idea to move abroad. Maybe the company you work for is opening a new location in another country and has offered you a position there, or maybe a promotion opportunity has come up in an overseas location that they already have established. It might be that you have a career with specific routes to success, maybe you’re in healthcare and need to get experience in a particular hospital to progress which will mean moving abroad. Or it might be that you currently live in a place i the world where jobs are scarce, and moving somewhere else can give you better opportunities generally. Either way, consider carefully what your reasons are for wanting to move, and what the alternatives are if you decide not to go. If you end up having any doubts set in, you can remind yourself exactly why you’re going.


How practical is it for you?


For some people, moving to a new country is a breeze. Maybe you don’t have any major commitments and responsibilities where you are currently. On the other hand, if you have a family with a partner who’s job will also need to relocate, kids who are in schools, strong family and friendship networks and other commitments where you are currently it will be more of a struggle. If you own your home then either selling it or renting it out is another thing you’ll need to look into. If you’re moving with a family and pets, you’ll have more stuff that physically needs moving as well which is something to consider. If you search ‘international moving company near me’ then you’ll be able to find quotes and get this part of the move organised. For all these reasons, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not you should move, it comes down to if you can and should based on your situation in life. If a better career will lead to much better opportunities, more money and security long term then it could definitely be worth the initial hassle of uprooting your life. 


Are there any alternatives?

If you decide not to move abroad for your career, look into what the alternatives are. Is there a way you can gain similar opportunities by moving elsewhere in the country you’re in, rather than overseas? Is moving abroad for a career something you can postpone for a couple of years until your children are older? Is there a way you can still gain that promotion but take a slightly different route? It helps to know what all of the different avenues are, that way you can make an informed decision. Is moving abroad a one time opportunity that you need to take right now, or will this be something that you could possibly do in the future? If the move is with the company then it’s worth asking if another position will come up again. If it’s to find a better job generally, then spending some time studying first and gaining some experience in the place you live in currently will set you up for better success later on. 

Moving abroad is a huge decision, it’s not just your career that will be impacted but your entire life. Before moving, you need to know that this is the right decision for you and your family, so do your research and go into it with your eyes wide open.

Would you ever consider moving abroad for the right job?


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