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4 Assets You Probably Haven’t Considered To Protect Your Wealth

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The world may be on the precipice of a wealth-destroying event the likes of which we haven’t seen since the financial crisis. Many leading indicators are flashing red, and popular stock commentators, including the legendary Michael Burry, are issuing nearly daily warnings. The era of conventional wealth building might be over (or at least, that’s the message being pushed). 

But is any of that true? Well, it depends on your perspective. While stocks, bonds, and housing might be at risk of collapse, there are many other assets out there that are doing well and are likely to continue doing well into the future, regardless of what happens in the markets. 



Self-Storage Units


The self-storage industry was the surprise economic story of the last decade. Nobody expected it to take off in the way it did. But today, it’s a booming sector. Demand is through the roof. 

Investing in self-storage units is relatively easy. You can buy securities linked to them, or take part in local schemes where you get a share of the rents for stumping up capital. 




Holding diamonds is another great investment. Regardless of what happens in the financial system, these precious stones will forever remain rare. Nothing will ever change that. 

Take a look at mm to carat weight conversions for diamonds to get a feel for the size and shape of stones that you can buy. The purer, whiter, and larger the diamond, the more it is worth.

For some investors, diamonds’ small size makes them a bit of a turn-off. But that’s actually an advantage when storing them in your home. They’re easier to hide than silver, for instance, which weighs a lot and takes up an enormous amount of space. 


Beach Huts


Beach huts aren’t quite vacation rentals. But they’re not quite hotels, either. They’re a sort of halfway house, providing occupants with daily shelter from the sun for a fixed rate. 

The great thing about beach huts is that they cost very little to build but offer tremendous returns. Many provide their owners with 20 percent or better per year on their original investment, making them a great option to keep long-term. Plus, because they are so simple, they don’t require as much maintenance and effort as a traditional vacation let, bumping up returns even more. 



Classic Cars


If you think that classic cars are just for the super-rich, then think again. Anyone with some spare cash lying around can become an investor. 

Of course, you’re not going to be able to purchase a Ferrari F40. But you can start with lower-value vehicles and work your way up from there. Remember, return on investment is what matters in investing, not the basic value of the assets that you buy. So if you find a car that’s affordable today that you think will be a classic in the future, buy and take care of it.

In summary, desperate times call for desperate measures. Look for alternative asset classes to preserve your wealth during the impending recession. 


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