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Nostalgia is a powerful thing, isn’t it?

I grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

I may very well be the last generation to remember what it was like to live in an analogue world. Before the economy made the transition to digital.

So, what was the first sign that things were slowly changing at home?

Well, the easy availability of video games.

I started on the Micro Genius console, which was popular in Malaysia at the time.

Every kid seemed to have one.

The Micro Genius was a Taiwanese-made clone of the more famous Japanese Nintendo Famicom. The console was simple enough to operate. You just connected the audio-visual cables to your television. Then you inserted a 60-pin cartridge game. And you were ready to play.

My favourite titles?

Super Mario and Contra.

They were side-scrolling games. Strictly 2D — two-dimensional.

You could only move from left to right. Incredibly basic. Yet the simplicity of the gameplay loop was engaging enough to keep the family entertained.

Easy to pick up. Hard to put down.



Source: ArtStation


Now, fast-forward to 2022.

So much has changed.

Today’s games are much more sophisticated. They now have budgets rivalling Hollywood — with elaborate storytelling and cutting-edge 3D environments.

Yes, absolutely, you can do all this and more.

From fantasy to sci-fi, from puzzles to simulations — there’s quite literally a genre for everyone.

You can play on consoles. Computers. Tablets. Smartphones.

It’s all seamless and accessible.

Clearly, gaming is no longer just for kids anymore. In fact, the demographic is much more diverse than it used to be.


Source: Brandon Gaille


There’s no hiding it: video games are big business.

In terms of revenue, gaming is now larger than the movie and music industries combined.

Gaming has truly become a global behemoth.


Source: Statista


In 2022, analysts are estimating that gaming revenue will reach a new milestone: over $200 billion. This will be driven by consumer spending from over 3 billion gamers worldwide.

Indeed, digital entertainment has never been more popular.

Right now, one video-game company has a dominant presence in this industry. Potentially, it’s making a big move soon. And this could determine the next chapter of its growth story.

There’s both risk and opportunity here.

In anticipation, the Company’s stock price has climbed over 18% this year. This has happened in spite of fierce headwinds from economic pessimism.

So, could there be more upside to come?


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