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Why Certain Businesses & Brands Make Use Of Professional Theatre


The brands and businesses that become closest to our hearts are usually those that offer some kind of magic or wonder into our lives. Of course, as we grow up, this sense is easier to achieve. It takes a supreme amount of work and creative integrity for brands like Disney to become a childhood favorite over the decades, and for this reason, adding a little pageantry and theatre to how they present themselves, (even in how the tourist information staff at the parks dress), can teach us a lot about preserving a professional image that aids and abets our creative intent.

Furthermore, the higher we move up in luxury and hospitality offered by a firm, often the higher the value they offer becomes. For instance, hotels with valet parking and doormen are considered higher quality than those without these implements; even if a hotel can generally function perfectly well without them.

It may be that adding a little professional theatre and design to your brand could be a fantastic means forward. Here’s how to think about it:


Fun & Welcoming


There’s nothing quite like being welcomed into a business as a prerequisite thank you for even considering them. From a welcoming doorman, to even printed information for visitors to find their way around a location, or being assigned a singular staff member or waiter that will take care of you all night, sometimes just being welcomed on a personal basis and always knowing you have a point of contact can help you feel completely taken care of, and it’s why people keep coming back to certain brands.



Theatre Shows A Craft


A truly specialized craft is often a wonderful sight to see, and it’s why people can pay top dollar to witness it. Even something as relatively common as Teppanyaki restaurants, with their fantastic chefs that know how to put on a show while cooking your food, is considered a cultural staple and can impress just about anyone. It’s also why hiring those well-versed in a product library, such as salesmen who know the product in and out, can be such a repository of information and sell you on the life you’ll lead if you’ll only integrate this product into your life. In the long run, craft sells, and theatre helps present it with care.


Theatre & Design Reflects Values


Have you ever visited a location, let’s say a hotel, and realize that every element of its design reflects the principles and values that the business is operating with? The Lift Company has integrated a smooth, modern, seamless ride up to the tenth floor, the furnishings have been well chosen, the lighting depicts the foyer in a beautiful manner, and the uniforms are clean, well fitted, and cared for. These decisions are a reflection of the details a brand can offer, and in the long run, they can help your brand distinguish itself. It’s no wonder businesses wield this tool with care.

With this advice, you’re certain to make use of professional theatre in the best possible light going forward, as it makes sense to your brand.


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