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Quantum Wealth Summary




‘Start worrying. Details to follow.’

―Jewish saying


Many people and many investors live by that old Jewish saying. Or joke: ‘Start worrying. The details for which are just around the corner.’

Their starting point is that the world is an unstable place. It is. And hence their money will likely be safest in the bank or in highly spread index funds.

In fact, if you’re reading this report, you likely know that certain calculated risks can pay off far more.

Of course, you need to be able to price the risk you’re taking.

How much should you worry about a risk position?

Well, it depends on the details. And that means doing your homework.

We looked at a very promising aviation business back in March. It carries a good deal of risk. But that risk is mitigated by its liquidity position. No long-term debt. And over a billion dollars in cash — supplied, in two instances, by other very large investors.

In this subscription, we are looking to report on opportunities beyond the radar. Instances where there are valuable companies in the market, yet to be priced correctly.

One question I often get is how do you screen for opportunities to investigate?


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