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Tiger 21: Where the World’s Wealthiest Investors See Opportunity


This used to be said of many a successful or wealthy person:

They were in the right place at the right time.’

As if that was the only answer to their fortune. What this often envious explanation omits is that actually being in the right place at the right time can take skill and expertise. Chance favours a prepared mind.

Preparation comes down to the simple things.

When it comes to investing, that means looking ahead. Being strategic. Considering the sectors and opportunities that will enable growth and income tomorrow. Ensuring your portfolio is ready for the chances for wealth tomorrow.

Certain industries will flourish while others stumble. Some companies already have their ‘winter tyres’ on.

We’ve looked at potential recovery sectors here before. Such as travel, infrastructure, food staples, mining, and property. But the opportunities are fast changing.

Tiger 21 is a global peer member group for investors with USD $10 million or more in investable assets. They have 850 members and an average net worth of $100 million per member. They regularly meet in 15 cities around the world. To discuss investment opportunities and defend portfolio choices.

A recent survey of their members found that 65% believe the market would end this year higher.

This is in line with my view. A recovering market. But a very bumpy ride to get there as we navigate inflation fear and vaccine doubt. This could make for opportune investing conditions.

Within our portfolio, we have three positions that support some of the incredible wealth trends the Tiger 21 investors have identified…

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