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A Simple Way to Hold Gold? Where to Invest in a Splintering World


Most weeks, someone we speak to mentions gold.

It has held its value since biblical times and is not subject to market swings, business failure, or the erosion of money through inflation.

Gold provides no yield. It’s a store of value. A solid wedge against the rotting of money.

Now, in normal circumstances, I would refute some views suggesting you should hold 10% or more of your portfolio in physical gold. Seems like a waste. Digging something up to put in a vault so you might be safe. Foregoing a 5% dividend. Or the chance of more on business or related property growth.

But in the panic of a pandemic situation, which now seems set to open a world with greater geopolitical tensions, the ground has changed.

I’m not making any recommendation on gold. But for those who do want to add some as a portfolio hedge during increasingly volatile times, here’s our guide on what you could do…


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